About Us


Subjectivities is an undergraduate research journal focusing on the Southeast Asian region and is run by students and alumni from the National University of Singapore. The journal is published on a biannual basis, with each issue tackling a specific theme concerning the region. Subjectivities aims to provide an independent platform for students to showcase academic and creative works relating to various issues in Southeast Asia.

Cindy Lin

030a7bbCindy Lin is a final year undergraduate National University of Singapore (NUS) student specializing in Southeast Asian Studies. She is interested in cultures of tinkering, politics of Making, DIY hacker culture, vernacular technologies and knowledge, intergenerational knowledge transfer and particularities of hacking in the Global South. She will be a PhD Student at the School of Information, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor this Fall 2015.

A moonlighting student and a bio-enthusiast, Cindy is obsessed with both alive and dead gastropoda and rodentia as well as invasive alien species.


Leong Chao Yang

PHOTO 001Chao Yang is a fresh graduate from the National University of Singapore where he majored in Southeast Asian Studies. An ethnographer by training, he has undertaken various fieldwork-based research and participatory action research projects in Thailand, Laos, Malaysia and the Philippines. The son of a ta kam sifu, he recently completed an honours thesis on the evolution of the traditional goldsmithing trade in Penang.

Together with Cindy and Liani, Chao Yang co-founded Subjectivities in late-2013 with the hope to provide a platform for students across Southeast Asia to share their diverse perspectives and reflections on this dynamic region.

Leong Wei Fen

Wei Fen considers herself an unorthodox English Literature student – an identity which she awkwardly justifies with a minor in Cultural Studies. In a bid to become a sharper and smarter version of herself, she has been mopping up a variety of work experience, ranging from art conservation to digital planning and content creation.

An Asian cinema aficionado with an interest in post-colonialism and gender politics, she will be writing her honours thesis on the regional rhetorics of Southeast Asian independent cinema.

Liani MK

11774678_10154015872520016_166380065_nLiani MK graduated from a double majors in Southeast Asian Studies and History. Of Dayak and Punjabi heritage, she has always been curious about issues of identity, indigeneity and language. Drawing on these interests, her undergraduate thesis was on the revival of baybayin, a precolonial writing system in the Philippines.

Liani has worked as a translator and editor, and is currently a writer based in Kuala Lumpur. She enjoys Javanese gamelan, jewellery-making, illustration and capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial arts.

Join us!

Subjectivities welcomes interested students to join us as an editorial team member or contributing writer. Please submit your CV to editor.subjectivities@gmail.com.


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